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Behind the search of god

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picEveryone in this world say that I have to search god and I have to attain peace and bliss of god but are you really searching the god ask that question to your self actually you want to fulfill your desire through god or you want to add god to your ambitions.

At the path of spirituality you have to dissolves your ego your desires to attain the grace of god because god is not a thing that you can achieve by effort it can achieve only when you are in effortless position by effort you can add things to enhance your ego but at the path of god you have to be egoless,and drop your desires than god is everywhere for you


Author: Pratap singh

I am a practitioner of meditation techniques and seeker of eternal truth

One thought on “Behind the search of god

  1. False ego and material desires is what we have to let go of…. namaste…


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