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Yoga and meditation techniques is the art of unfolding the mystery of life divinity joy happiness and mindfulness

Daily Inspiration: You’ve Got This!

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The Purple Almond

There you are…minding your own business, going to work or school, enjoying family, taking vacations and WHAM!  Life throws you a sucker punch right in the gut. Suddenly, out of no where, your life is in crisis mode, a downward spiral and it looks like things will never be the same again.

A smart person once told me that God only gives the hardest lessons to those he knows can handle them the best. I’ll never forget that. It has gotten me through a lot of very difficult times in my life. One of the main questions people ask during a crisis is “why did God do this to me?” This is indeed an excellent question. During the lowest times in my life, instead of blaming God, I ask “Why did he choose to give me this lesson? What am I supposed to learn from this?”

I truly believe there…

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Author: Pratap singh

I am a practitioner of meditation techniques and seeker of eternal truth

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