Yoga and Meditation techniques

Yoga and meditation techniques is the art of unfolding the mystery of life divinity joy happiness and mindfulness


Meditation and yoga techniques are the results of research of Indian Rishi and sadhu.They develop so many techniques of meditation and yoga according to different Nature of human being to develop your mind power memory and concentration by these techniques you can attain eternal peace joy and happiness and achieve your goal and live a successful life.
There are so many techniques of yoga and meditation.Bhakti yoga relates to your emotions and dhyana yoga relates to mind and will power.So here we will discuss both but only one technique can work for you by that technique you can reach to the supreme state of your life.You can achieve photogenic memory and superb stamina of your body.These techniques heal mind and body so you achieve a state of supreme ecstasy and joy in your life.I have a long way with these meditation techniques and practiced many yoga mindfulness and pranayama techniques.

The essence of all Meditation techniques is just witnessing or awareness and if you understand the essence than every act of your life will become Meditation actually Meditation is not so tedious thing it is so easy that everyone can do it successfully there is no need of extraordinary intelligence but its consequences are extraordinary you become a different man with full love and joy and you will achieve supreme state of consciousness leads to limitless pleasure.

Meditation music also plays important role in Meditation here we will focus on it and it will be my pleasure to help you. Meditation is not an act which you can add in your life but it is transformation process which will change your life your mind and you will feel eternal peace which will not a noiselessness state but peace is positive that you will feel after meditation.

I am a Practioner of meditation and yoga techniques and here I will explore some of them.