Yoga and Meditation techniques

Yoga and meditation techniques is the art of unfolding the mystery of life divinity joy happiness and mindfulness

Yoga and meditation techniques

There are so many techniques of meditation in Indian mythology here some of them we will discuss.Patanjali yoga sutras are most authentic authorities on yoga Raj yoga of maharishi Patanjali is most relevant in today’s context which consist of eight-part called ashtanga yoga pranayama is one of them which related to purification of body a dhyana deals with your mind and thoughts removes remedies of mind which lead you to the ultimate stage of  joy and happiness called samadhi or transcendental state there are eternal peace

In Vigyan  Bhai Rav tantra are 101 meditation techniques for different nature of people there are different techniques which are so simple but very powerful to deliver its result for introvert people tantra meditation techniques will work effectively but if you are extrovert in nature than yoga is your path and for emotional nature bhakti and tantra will work.Meditation techniques are the medium to attain the ultimate goal of your life to attain mind power will power to attain true wisdom to attain success in social life academic life and spiritual life. By the practice of these guided mindfulness techniques and yogic exercises you can heal your body your mind and you soul and will connect with super power after that eternal peace joy and happiness will come in your life.

Yoga is science and Patanjali yoga sutras have the greatest place in the field of yoga. Yoga is not religion.No belief is needed for yoga, not any custom or ritual is associated with yoga it is an experiment just like a scientific experiment do it and results will be there.Yoga is a methodology to reveal the is the science to be in the present moment here and now.Yoga means facing the truth state where there is no desire no past and no future.

Yoga leads not only to control of oneself but also to control of world yogi becomes the master of the world.Everyone in this world has own world he lives in his mental world, world of desires world of imagination world of dreams so when by the profound practice of yoga and meditation techniques he goes in the state of consciousness where no desire exist and attain the oneness with God his rebirth happens and he becomes a new man.

There are many mindfulness techniques for which no need to sit in asana you can do it during when you are doing your daily activities like being aware of your breath while you are doing your daily works.Mindfulness meditation techniques basically from the Buddhist meditation techniques and in today’s context mindfulness techniques are most suitable by practicing mindfulness techniques you can achieve eternal peace joy and happiness and be successful in every walk of life.