Yoga and Meditation techniques

Yoga and meditation techniques is the art of unfolding the mystery of life divinity joy happiness and mindfulness

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Your world is your thoughts

You don’t live in physical world you live in your mental world you live in your thoughts you live in your mind as your mind being you see like that this word for you this world is Mirror spiritual-healer-chakraof your thoughts of your mind so you have to change your mind not to this world if you change your mind your thoughts then you change this world


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Opening of third eye

According to medical science human body has two eyes but according to Indian Yogis there is a third eye between these two eyes according to medical science that is called pineal gland but this third eye normally remains in dormant state to open the third one has to bring Kundalini energy or cosmic energy upward normally energy flows downward but in this procedure you have to bring your energy upward so you have to work hard but by yoga and meditation that is possible there are many methods in Indian Mythology when third eye opens there is suddenly the flash of light and you can see everything past present and future because with third eye you watch inside yourself that is not possible by these two eyes that is only possible when third eye opens .