Yoga and Meditation techniques

Yoga and meditation techniques is the art of unfolding the mystery of life divinity joy happiness and mindfulness

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Meditation can not be

There are so many yoga teachers and meditation instructors who claims that they will become you the master of yoga and meditation in that duration and they have developed own techniques which is nothing just the strange phenomena of words and body tactics .

I say that meditation is not a thing of doing it happens only when all your efforts and techniques end up .No meditation technique can lead you to the meditative state .By efforts you can acquire money power and status in this world and there are parameters for your efforts and success but in the field of yoga and meditation there are no such parameters.Meditation dhayan samadhi can happen in one moment just right now and it takes many birth meditation is just awareness just be witness of your thoughts your body and your surroundings.

Start with meditation technique

You have to start with technique and at the final stage you have drop technique just like stairs you use to climb and at your target you drop stairs if you struck with stairs you will never reach your target and that is happening in the field of yoga and meditation all yoga teacher and meditation instructors are struck with technique .


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Be witness of your thoughts

Be witness of your thoughts

One night monk said to his disciple that you have to take care of ashram .I am going to my work in third night there was curiosity in the mind of disciple about night work of monk disciple quietly followed the monk and saw that monk was doing nothing monk was site at lonely place when monk returned disciple ask to the monk what you do at night monk said I do my work disciple said but I have seen you you was doing nothing monk said to watch the ashram is your work and to watch incide me is my work I watch myself i Watch my mind my thoughts that is my work that is meditation meditation is nothing just watch be witness.